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CBeebies Cartoons and Games

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☆ CBeebies is a Bilingual App: CONTENT AVAILABLE IN SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE ☆Join now Charlie & Lola, Sarah & Duck, 3rd & Bird, Zingzillas, Lottie Dottie Chicken and other popular TV shows on CBeebies BBC! Play and learn spanish with this educational app for toddlers, full of cartoon characters, games, videos and books!
CBeebies is a true experience of learning for toddlers, that will allow your kids to learn while having fun. BBC has gathered the very best child education content in spanish and portuguese for preschoolers from 0 to 6 years old. All of this is made available to your family in a safe environment for parents and kids.
With CBeebies, you can take your play time for toddlers and kids wherever you go! Your children’s favorite characters and TV shows will be by their side at all times, in the palm of their hand. Play with Sarah Duck Charlie and Lola every day! Audio instructions and easy-to-use swiping and tapping allow kids to explore and discover videos, bilingual game activities, and more.
CBeebies’ videos, books and a wide range of activities will take play time for kids to a whole new level, while kids expand their vocabularies, boost their creativity and build a basic understanding of math, science, art, music, and interpersonal skills, such as friendship and teamwork, while they watch, listen, play, sing songs and play cool games for toddlers and kids!
CBeebies is a great app for toddlers and kids and was carefully designed, creating an interactive and intuitive environment easy for kids to navigate. Try it and get a FREE 7-day trial or unlock additional episodes and games by subscribing to the CBeebies monthly plan.

. Watch full episodes of BBC’s series for kids, that are a true global phenomenon;. Boost your child's creativity with educational cartoon characters & games for kids;. Participate in interactive lessons of Portuguese and Spanish for kids;. Read informative articles related to parenting.. Have Unlimited access to all content through your monthly subscription;
TRY IT TODAY and guarantee hours of play and fun!

☆ Unique Advantages
CBeebies’ content has been developed by experts in early childhood education from all knowledge areas. It is a completely secure and trusted platform, in a kidsafe environment and the only one endorsed by the Mexican Association of Pediatrics (AMP), providing the development of minors and allowing parents, family and caretakers to rest assured while their kids have a blast!
Also, CBeebies does not share any user information and has no advertising. Before making content available to users, there is a rigorous review process and rank selection among different preschool ages.
CBeebies brings animations, stories and children and baby games that invite little kids to learn, exercise, read, draw and use their imagination, as well as promoting their intellectual, social and emotional understanding.
Download entirely FREE and get the FUN started on your phone and tablet!